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Preta Sonora/Sounding Black is the PretaHub´s artistic residency where a UK musician establishes an agenda of virtual meetings with creators, producers, agents, distributors, and other music specialists to get to know the black music scene in Brazil. Preta Sonora is a program supported by the British Council in Brazil. You are welcome!

Here at the PretaHub, we work to establish creative and cultural exchanges among artists from the Black Diaspora. Since our first actions 20 years ago, we have sheltered hundreds of artists above all at the Feira Preta Festival / Black Fair Festival. It is true to say that music has always been the central guest that guided and orchestrated all the attractions at the Festival.

At our Festival we have had the most relevant Brazilian black artists and musicians such as Emicida and Criolo. They came together with us when they were still young and keep friends with the Festival even now when they have established themselves as household names in the industry. But there are not only music performances. All through our 20 years of work we have had different experiences for supporting the development of music artists. We now have a network of Brazilian and international music specialists. Our local network includes artists such as MC Soffia, MC Fióti, Preta Rara, Tássia Reis, ÀTTØØXXÁ, Luedji Luna, Mano Brown, Dona Ivone Lara, Fundo de Quintal, Elza Soares, Rômulo Alexis, and Carol Conká. Our international network includes names such as Gary Brown (US), Chocquibtown (COL), Anais (UK), Boris Reine-Adelaide (Martinique), Charles Arche Borromee Obas (Haiti), Pupa Kanda (Angola), Zola Star (Congo/Angola ), Pyroman (Congo), Fanta Konate (Guinea Conakry), and Bukassa Kabengele (Congo). We also partnered with institutions and enterprises such as Spotify, Laboratório Fantasma Productions, Casa Natura Productions, Instituto Alok, and Meta.

PretaHub houses

Since 2019

Besides all of that, we have the PretaHub houses that are two different creative hubs in São Paulo (2019, SP) and Cachoeira (2021, BA). São Paulo hub is full of black urban vibes, and Cachoeira´s vibes go around black cultural heritage and ancestrality. At the Casas PretaHub, we do music production because both houses held the Pretacast Studios equipped with professional technology to meet the most diverse demands for capturing, producing, and mixing sound. We produce podcasts and record songs in different formats. So at PretaHub, we have a network of black music specialists, we have the tools to create sound, we know how to distribute along with our partner Spotify, and we have scenarios to perform such as Casa Natura Musical (SP) and the annual Festival Feira Preta.


In 2002, on its 1st. edition the Festival Feira preta debuted with great success getting together more than 5000 people. We had performances by Paula Lima, Clube do Balanço, Dj Hum, Dj Kl Jay, Dj Marcelinho, Dj Don KB, and Dj Gran Master Ney,


In 2008, we created the music performance program known as Culture Pills. This program that lasted 4 years, led us to monthly invite and present a black music band/artist for a specialized public.


Still in 2008, we started the establishment of the PretaHub international network of black music artists and institutions. It is a black music movement that began with our first international guest, ChocQuibtown, in partnership with the Spain Cultural Center in São Paulo.


A highlight in 2010, when the black artist Gordon Brown from New Orleans performed at the Festival Feira Preta, in partnership with the American Consulate.


A highlight in 2012, when renowned black artists and bands such as Izzy Gordon, Lino Krizz, Criolo, and Clube do Balanço, Wilson Simoninha, Thulla Melo, Ellen Oléria, Walmir Borges, and Fernando Ébano, Projeto Nave, Rael da Rima, MC Marechal, Bocatto and Gabriel Moura lined up at the Festival Feira Preta. We even had Mano Brown during the show as a guest of Lino Krizz.


In 2014, we held the first business round table on black Brazilian music. There we had agents from the main black music festivals in Brazil such as Feira Preta, Latinidades Pretas, FAN – Festival de Artes Negras de Belo Horizonte, and Back 2 Back. We managed to find contracts for 10 black Brazilian artists.


A highlight of the Festival Feira Preta in 2018, when we had music performances by Elza Soares and Luedji Luna, Rincon Sapiência, Simoninha, Slam das Minas SP, and The R.A.P Party (Rhythm and Poetry, from the United Kingdom), Baile Black Bom, Jah!spora and the Batekoo party.


In 2019/20 we created and delivered the project África em Nós, which brought together African artists to create and reside in São Paulo and to deliver a great performance, in partnership with the Instituto Moreira Salles.


In 2021, as part of the opening of the PretaHub House in Cachoeira, we held an artistic residency with 6 different black Brazilian artists. There and for about two weeks, artists were immersed in local culture and fostered creativity.


Finally, in 2021, we delivered the Afrolab Program focused on black music businesses which sought to support 100 artists to develop entrepreneurial skills for music businesses. Afrolab included learning about the entire process of creation, production, distribution, and consumption in its methodology.

Feira Preta Institute

The Instituto Feira Preta was created in 2002 by Adriana Barbosa to design, hold, and deliver content, products, and services that represent the most inventive and innovative aspects of black creativity.

The Feira Preta brings together creators from different creative sectors such as music, visual arts, fashion, cosmetics, gastronomy, audiovisual, communication, and many others.

The most renowned program by the Instituto Feira Preta is the Feira Preta Festival that through its 20 editions is the largest black culture fair in Latin America.

In 2019, the PretaHub platform was established to put together all actions and programs that the Feira Preta Institute implemented for mapping job opportunities, creating technical and creative tools, and creating, accelerating, and scaling black entrepreneurship in Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, and South Africa.

In an expansion development, Casa PretaHub São Paulo/SP was established in 2020, being the first collaborative economy incubator based on Afro culture. With an economic and cultural nature, Casa PretaHub São Paulo/SP aims for the dissemination and artistic preservation of black culture in a fixed and open space.

In 2021, the Feira Preta Online Marketplace was launch and a new unit of Casa PretaHub in Cachoeira, in the Bahian Recôncavo, were established.