The Pretahub platform results from the twenty years of activities that the Feira Preta Institute has been doing to map, create technical capabilities, promote creativity, and incubate and accelerate the business entrepreneurs for disadvantaged communities in Brazil. The PretaHub platform aims to include disadvantaged entrepreneurs in a harsh ecosystem that needs to be fairer and more balanced in terms of opportunities and financial results for all.

By delivering activities across Brazil, Pretahub is an accelerator of youth, women, blacks, indigenous, and LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs. Pretahub works to establish a new market where entrepreneurs from disadvantaged communities create and sell products to people from disadvantaged communities. All these products are based on the richness and diversity of cultural and creative values. Pretahub is a hub of black inventiveness, creativity, and trends. It expresses the acknowledgment that a lot has already been done, but that the future is still uncertain, vast, and unfair. It bases black, indigenous, and LGBTQIA+ inventiveness to do business, which is a highly creative and innovative proposal within a market characterized by a lack of black, indigenous, and LGBTQIA+ representation.

Its qualifications to do this work are well known by the public policy agents in Brazil and abroad and for the strong community of African Brazilian people.

Black Fair Festival

Festival Feira Preta

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TodoDomingo - Tempo Forte - Caosarte - Créditos para Nego Júnior © 2018 - IMG_1127
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Since 2002, the Black Fair Festival, a hybrid online and offline experience, is an integral part of a broader and structural process chain for including youth, women, blacks, indigenous and LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs in an ecosystem that needs to be fairer and more balanced in opportunities and financial results. The festival is a journey from creation, through production and distribution, and consumption strategies.

The Fair is the largest festival of black culture in Latin America and brings together creative entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, dancers, poets, actors, designers, researchers, that know how to transform their heritage culture into innovation, products, and services. This meaningful festival of black culture brings together entrepreneurs and small businesses that take advantage of their culture to create innovation, products, and services.

Contributions from the Black Fair festival to establish a market based on cultural heritage and creativity are vast. Since 2004 and through 20 editions, the festival has already moved around R $ 6.5 million (USD 1.244.830) in sales of products and services related to the Afro universe. The figures of Feira Preta are outstanding:

More than national and international artists participating
More than entrepreneurs from Brazil and Latin America participating
Thousand more than people attended
Days of free programming, celebrating the diversity of Afro-Brazilian culture
Days of online marketing
Days offline event in São Paulo, SP

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Afrolab Program

Afrolab has evolved into a multiplatform virtual experience and has expanded its geographical limits and arrived in Bolivia, Colombia, and South Africa that has benefited more about 2000 people

Since 2017, the Afrolab Program offers a systemic perspective that provides support and training to businesses from their idealization and origin to the final outflow of the products and services developed. Afrolab is a program to support, promote and boost Afro-entrepreneurship born from cultural heritage and creativity. All of these are possible because of its exclusive and innovative methodology that offers knowledge, technical and creative training, and is focused on innovation, inventiveness, and self-knowledge.

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Afrolab´s seven days methodology considers that every successful entrepreneurship is linked to its cultural and creative values as individual and as a member of a community. That is why the methodology aims to strengthen self-esteem, connect with cultural heritage and creativity, and create a network for collaboration among participants.

Contributions from the Afrolab Program to create entrepreneurial capacities for youth, women, blacks, indigenous, and LGBTIA+ are outstanding. Since 2017, the program has trained more than 1000 entrepreneurs not only in Brazil but in Bolivia, Colombia, and South Africa. In its first edition, in 2018, Afrolab trained more than 200 women entrepreneurs from six Brazilian states: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Bahia, Pernambuco, and Maceió.

Afrohub, Estação Hack, Foto de Nego Júnior © 2019 - Insta @negojunior_ - FB @negojuniordf - IMG_1595

In its second edition from 2019 to 2020, the program offered training only to trans and cis women living in twelve Brazilian states. In 2021 Afrolab has evolved into a multiplatform virtual experience and has expanded its geographical limits and arrived in Bolivia, Colombia, and South Africa that has benefited more about 2000 people.

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PretaHub Houses

Since 2020, the Pretahub House presents itself as an innovative and unique creative hub in Latin America. It is home to all creative inventors, enterprising artists, or anyone who wants to work in a stimulating and creative environment. It is a place to produce digital content, co-create ideas, and develop and promote the diverse ecosystem of the collaborative economy, based on the themes of afro entrepreneurship and afro diasporic culture.

The services of the House include a showroom store, a room for courses and learning, a black art gallery, a recording studio, audio-visual and photo studios, gastronomic and event areas, and a maker space. Currently, São Paulo´s Casa PretaHub is in full service, and Cachoeira´s Casa Pretahub was launch in August 2020.

Black Power

Since 2017, the Black Power Festival is an innovation laboratory for young black people. The festival is created to highlight the creative and innovative strength of young black people in the past, present, and future. During the festival held every 13th of May – Day for the Abolition of Slavery, young people recognize the innovation, creativity, and black resistance that the black community must bring to the Brazilian culture. The program aims to recognize the African-Brazilian people that have resisted and still resist to continue strengthening the entire black community.

People Learn
by Talking

Since 2017, the Conversation Series has established a scenario for creative and uplifting dialogues among the PretaHub platform and private and public institutions to raise awareness and promote a culture for racial diversity. These transformative dialogues are based on pillars such as qualified knowledge, human approach, quality of relationships, self-leadership, co-responsibility, and practical actions. This methodology has been created, developed, and implemented by PretaHub in partnership with Mandacaru Consultoria.

Race and Market

Since 2019, the observatory aims to maintain a continuous database on the context, evolution, and challenges of including the black population – whether entrepreneurs or consumers – in the business world. The creation of the observatory came after meetings between heads of the Business Administration School of the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV EAESP) with black business entrepreneurs such as Afrobusiness, Diaspora.Black and the Black Money Movement. They identified the need to articulate the main economic actors around black businesses, deepening structural reflections on this type of enterprise.

Activities related to the Observatory include monthly meetings, publications, the production of audiovisual content on black businesses, and the creation of the monitoring of information and data from the creative entrepreneurial ecosystem, among other activities.


Since 2017, the Editodos Fund works to fight against structural racism and gender disparities and to promote entrepreneurship based on fair opportunities for all disadvantaged communities. The fund brings together different organizations such as the Instituto Feira Preta, Instituto Afrolatinas, Afrobusiness Brasil, Mais Favela, Agência Solano Trindade, and Vale do Dendê. They work to support the experiences of entrepreneurs and companies that transform their culture into products.

Adriana Barbosa

A black woman behind the PretaHub Platform

Adriana Barbosa is the founder of the Feira Preta Festival, the largest Afro culture, and entrepreneurship event in Latin America

She is also the CEO of the PretaHub platform. In 2017, she was honored, along with Lázaro Ramos and Taís Araújo, as one of the 51 most influential black people under the age of 40 in the world, according to MIPAD (international award recognized by the UN). In 2020, she was recognized by the World Economic Forum as the first black woman inside the Social Innovators of the World and joined the Schwab Network Social Entrepreneurs Team. She has received other recognitions such as the Social Entrepreneur Award, the Claudia Award, and the São Paulo State Award for the Arts and Racial Equality. In addition, Adriana is a diversity and racial inclusion consultant for companies such as Netflix, Facebook, Google, MAC, Avon, Pão de Açúcar, and Natura. She is also on the boards of organizations such as Sistema B, Instituto Ethos, GIFE, Instituto AVON and is part of the racial equality committees of Carrefour and AMBEV.


Ms. Adriana Barbosa

Founder and CEO Feira Preta Institute / PretaHub Platform
Telephone: +57 (011) 98336-1012
Email Address: [email protected]